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Picture above: Casual walk on the dike in Scappoose, Oregon-
Under the Osprey's nest.

  • Masters level Social Worker/Consultant/Counselor/Coach/Mentor/Advocate for Social Justice
  • Private Practice: By Email/Skype/Phone/In Person
62 years of unique life experience: Poet/Cook/Gardener/Remodeler, Single Mom w/ Empty Nest, Elderly Caregiver for my Father, Cancer Survivor Sharing Natural Solutions
I've been involved with individual and group counseling since 1985. 
My Bachelors of Science is in Administration of Justice w/ a minor in Psychology. I graduated from Portland State University (1995) with High Honors and 5 scholarships, 
while raising my 7 children as a Single Parent.
I later graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington (2000) with my Masters in Social Work.

I've worked with adults and children. Areas: Chemical Dependency, Batter's Intervention and Anger Management, General Issues, Eldercare and Dementia, and specialized in Sexual Abuse Healing. I've facilitated Parents of Molested Children and Adults Molested as Children groups, been involved in Private Treatment for Sexual Offense Clients, and enjoyed facilitating a Women's Group and a Life Transitions Group in Private Practice.
Some of my beliefs and experiences:

I am not monetarily driven, thus my sliding scale and reasonable hourly rate. I would rather someone be able to afford the help and support they need, and I feel satisfaction in being part of solutions and helping others. I found help throughout my own life when I was raising children and struggling, and I believe in passing affordable help forward. I'll consider a barter for goods or services with someone who is cash strapped. Our US economy has affected all of us in various ways, creating national distress and a need for fresh ideas and flexibility in finding resources for us and our loved ones.

I tend to braille the whole individual for a more comprehensive approach to healing. If diet, meds and a lack of exercise are causing disease and suffering, I share researched information and alternative approaches in addition to being a social worker/counselor/coach/mentor.

I once interviewed for a job at a county mental health agency, where young twenty-somethings were 'trained' to inform parents their baby or toddler had a mental illness, claiming to be able to diagnose early, and then offer stipends for the parents to drug their children. I couldn't ever collect one dime on some job, to harm an innocent child for the gain of a corporation. If Americans think we all are not paying the price for this Pharmaceutical fraud, they need to look closer. Too many give unwarranted credibility to the non-science of Psychology. When I read Elizabeth Kubler Ross's books about her life and working at a Psych ward at a hospital during her training to become a Medical Doctor, I found a woman I trusted and resonated with, and shared many beliefs with. She was successful in clearing many patients from that ward, getting them active in life again, etc. She saw up close, like an investigative reporter the fallacies of the medical field. Ingrained fraud is hard to ferret out, especially after years of brainwashing. For the money spent on medications, for instance, or seeking a diagnostic label, the results of actual healing and resolution are too often abysmal.  Ask your doctor next time you see him or her, how much training they've had in nutrition or parasites. You will be amazed. Both are involved with health and mental health. It is when we take our own health and happiness seriously, that we seek out help by researching and consulting others until we find the right fit and answers we instinctively are comfortable with. 

Jon Rappaport is a seasoned (30+ yrs.)  investigative reporter, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and he knows and writes about the Pharmaceutical/Medical/Psychological fraud for profit. He shared that last year, 4.02 Billion prescriptions were written in the US. That equals 13 prescriptions for every man, woman and child. He also wrote about an author of the DSM (Diagnostic Manual), and how his comments condemned the legitimacy of these diagnostic psychiatric labels. See Sept. 2nd's article (2012) about this at www.nomorefakenews.com. If this article is no longer available, just email me and I'll send it to you.

I love doing research and constantly learning, then sharing with others when it will help or enrich their lives. I have an open and inquisitive mind, and am known for thinking for myself. When a study showed that 80% of schizophrenia was resolved with B-3 or Niacin, for instance, or that fluoride is a waste product of aluminum manufacturing that lowers the IQ and makes up 20% of Prozac, or acidosis from diet and medications causes heart attacks and disease, I dig in further to expand my knowledge and understanding. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Medical Doctor. Instead, I  found I can research and make most of my own informed health decisions. I can also share with others what has worked for me, and other clients. I have been amazed at how limited the solutions the current US Medical field often has to offer, how AMSA or the American Medical Students Association recognized the corruption of Pharmaceutical influence in their training, and how little time the medical personnel of today have to keep current on research.

When I had an endocervical cancer diagnosis in 2004, I did hours of research, made my own decisions and handed the surgeon a list of my requests, along with an abstract from a study to back up my request to test for a blood marker. Her first comment after surgery, though she had argued about the efficacy of the test was, "You were right." I believe in being responsible for my own research, second and third opinions and decisions when it comes to my health and well-being instead of blindly trusting others, no matter what color of coat they're wearing. I said no to radiation and stripping the lymph nodes. The pelvic oncologist had only one other patient who said no to the removal of her pelvic lymph nodes. I asked if she was still alive. She was. The initial Oncologist I saw had dishes of candy in his office for his clients. Absolutely clueless. A post surgery Oncologist used to pass out Twinkies to his patients, and wasn't interested in the minimal nutritional training offered in his medical training. He passed away of some kind of oral cancer.

I believe in holistic healing, not 'managing' disease for an extended profit.

 I believe we search for meaning, like Viktor Frankl shared in his book, 'Man's Search for Meaning'.

I believe that our first responsibility is to take care of and love ourselves, and that our first ethical rule is to do no harm. As adults, we have a priority in duty, to protect our young. Every child.

 I believe grief and loss is part of this life if we live long enough. It makes us slow down, withdraw, ponder what we can control, and what we can't, look for purpose and reason, deal with failures of the human family and our own, and sometimes just realize that coming through extremely difficult times is a sign not of failure, but of success. It is important to know that many times we carry burdens of grief that are unnecessary and prolonged when we blame ourselves as failures, which further cuts us off from ourselves, loved ones and the world around us. We don't get to select which emotions we blunt when we shut down, like choosing ingredients at a Chang's Mongolian Grill restaurant. We draw a curtain over happiness and joy and sensitivity, also. We don't really get to 'opt out' of feeling loss and grief and sadness. We have to go through it. As a poem I wrote says: 

"Perhaps it’s just response to pain,
Until the heart can’t bear it,
And each is caught in their own fog
Grief comes and we just wear it."

I believe that numbing ourselves with medications can be more painful than the original problem, and lead to the loss of mental and physical health.
Loss is part of life, but suicides and homicides, side effects and feeling like the living dead on chemicals and drugs of any kind, should not be. The US has a 7-11 instant convenience store mentality when it comes to pain. The popping of aspirin, Ativan, anti-depressants, and even Seroquel for a 'sleep aid' has gone from shocking to common place. I was glad to see a book written, entitled "I Fired My Doctor and Saved My Life". Being lazy and allowing some doctor to tell you what to do can be fatal. Second and third opinions, and going with your own research and 'gut' could work out better for you.
I believe in being present, available and as whole as possible. There is sanity in clarity.

Many times we have worn our friends or family out with ongoing problems or we don't want to burden them, and a professional person can be a life saver, and a pillar of strength on the journey. Many of us help everyone else, but find that we also need a confidant' and someone to lean on and build trust and objectivity with. Strangers are often more objective than someone we know. Sometimes it is just a phrase or a line from a poem or a song, a look, a touch, or a trusted person who will be the temporary vessel for our sorrows and anguish that helps us continue our journey with a little more warmth and faith or strength-- or acceptance than we had prior to meeting them. Answers are there for the  hearing, feeling, tasting or seeing. Amid the darkness of man's folly, we live in a beautiful world. It is there to nourish and support us, to remind us of the laws of nature, of passing time and limits and boundaries, and endless hope for our future.

I find joy in writing poetry, in decorating my home, creating artistically,  gardening, observing nature, baking a juicy pie, making a delicious healthy soup, dancing, feeling music resonate within, watching for the change of seasons, and seeing the hope of mankind in the smile of a child. I am aware that I'm not perfect, but I am where I need to be to learn, and try to remind myself that life is a journey of learning. I don't believe in judgment, but I want to be accountable. You can read my blog at www.leangreencafe.blogspot.com to learn more about me, get recipes and read poetry I've written. If we work together, my goal is to have benefited your life. I am a real person, more direct than not, and a fluid work of art. I wish you peace.

A  prescription for change:
Walk about for 30 min. early, before you start your day. 
Eat a nourishing breakfast w/ no or a minimum of caffeine or sugar. 
Fill up a glass gallon jar with filtered water to keep track of your intake. (no fluoride or chlorine w/ byproducts that cause cancer, or a host of medication residues and toxins. It makes a difference in how you feel and think.)
Try one new vitamin-packed recipe a week or month. Start a social dinner or tasting group.
Consider supplementing with a natural enzyme-live multi-vitamin and fish or krill oil and a good probiotic or yogurt or fermented veggies, etc.. (Ask me for a well-researched recommendation.)
Health in today's world = nourish and detox. Find out about a parasite cleanse and gentle colon cleanses. 90% of all disease starts in the colon. 
Contact 1-2 people a day or a week--a neighbor or a new person for a brief hello and chat, maybe coffee, and mostly listen to them. 
Schedule a massage-perhaps at a reduced rate at a massage school or trade w/ a partner. 
Start a savings plan for a vacation, in a bank or a jar. 
Start up guitar or some other hobby or interest like dance, painting. learning a new language, etc. 
Go for a Sunday drive (or other day when you can relax) to the coast, a new park, etc. Make it a weekly tradition. Take your dad, mom, grandma, gramps, child, partner, friend, grandchild, neighbor, etc. with you.
Look for new job opportunities if you are needing change or a more positive, rewarding environment.  
Get to the library to read a magazine or check out a new book to keep your mind fresh and to expand your world. 
Join a book club or take a class in your local community college.
Connect with your spiritual self and beliefs-in prayer, church or nature, and focus on gratitude and what you are seeking in your life. (Not what you don't have...)

Seek a mentor/guide/consultation if you seem stuck in a place that is not bringing you joy.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my professional life and approach for your particular concerns. (See CONTACT page.)

Individual/Couples/Group Counseling

General Life Issues. ie: Depression/Anxiety
Sexual Abuse Healing and Support
Life Transitions
Marriage Dilemmas
Divorce Recovery
Death and Dying
Women's Groups
Nutrition Coach


Counseling with Pamela/ Cafe for the Soul

My original private practice was named Cafe for the Soul, inspired by an eclectic 'menu' of what I offer my clients, and because I enjoyed bringing homebaked goods to share with coffee, tea or cocoa in my individual and group sessions. Therapy doesn't have to be all about pain. It's about growth, awareness, building trust, healing and connecting with ourselves and each other. Many people have unresolved grief and lessons that interfere with connection and happiness.
Cafe for the Soul was inspired by the following poem: 

"If, of thy mortal goods, thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves
alone to thee are left,
Sell one & with the dole,
Buy Hyacinths to feed the soul"
- Muslihuddin Sadi,
13th Century Persian Poet

Note: My business is not based on any religious system. I like the following quote:
"The world is my country, and to do good is my religion." Thomas Paine

Spirituality in my opinion is inclusive vs. exclusive, and is personal and individual. Whatever relationship we are in, whether it is with a religion, business or personal, if it is causing us or others harm or inhibiting our happiness, our invitation for growth is to look at ourselves with honesty and compassion, and make changes we can live with. 

Co-dependence is said to be a lack of or a failed...relationship with self. Perhaps life's greatest calling is to be true to the wisdom, truth and love that is within all of us. We all journey together in this regard. I think of our lives and the relationship we have with ourselves as 'under construction'. Again, as I've said before, my personal belief is that life is about learning, not judgment.

Counseling & Support Groups

Counseling & Support Groups

I offer life coaching-mentoring and counseling-consultations as a Master's Level Social Worker via IN-PERSON individual or group sessions in the Medford, Oregon area, EMAIL, PHONE or VIDEO...

Contact Now
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*Decreasing Depression
*Decreasing Anxiety
*Good Relationship Skills
*Communication Tips
*Short & Long-term Effects of Sexual Abuse
*Types of Verbal Abuse
*Codependence-Failed Relationship w/ Self
*Chemical Addiction Information, ETC.


Favorite and New Recipes to Share 
(COMING SOON via my Blog.
I am open about my beliefs. Take what you like and leave the rest.
With varied interests like cooking, poetry, gardening, personal life and politics, I think I'll be creating vlogs on Youtube soon.

Cooking and baking is therapeutic for me, and sharing the results with friends and neighbors is something I love to do.I remember the ambience of wonderful food, candles, and guitar music with friends on the deck, in my Scappoose home, with the moon and night air lending their magic. The chipmunk, living in the stump out front in the rock garden, even got some memorable crumbs. I'll share his picture on my blog.

The perfect sticky buns aren’t meant to keep to ourselves, nor is the healthy soup that we can't get enough of. I love to surprise my friends or neighbors with a loaf of fresh bread, a slice of juicy sweet honey dew-(and tell them where to find them for $1 each (a whole honey dew-you can tell I'm either easily excited, or my Jewish roots on my father's side are showing,) or a taste of the latest pesto or hummus, etc. My last baking feat was to try a coconut cake, pouring coconut milk over the top while it's hot, topped w/ a dollop of organic whipped cream and toasted large-flaked coconut. The women I shared it with encouraged me to think of them the next time I baked.

For some reason, making a pie has become one of my favorite activities. Smelling, tasting and sharing an Oregon Blackberry Pie, w/ an added shot of vanilla and lime juice is the best. When I think of cooking, it includes making Apple Pancakes for my kidlets when they were young. One of my boys thought they were pronounced Pamcakes.

While my Father lived with me, before he passed, I loved to spoil him with home-cooked food. It was a way I could give back. I found it very satisfying to care for my Dad. The culmination of his short-term memory loss and his particular health issues, with the current treatment of the elderly in this country is something pressing for me to write about, when I'm ready. 

Connection is not only important for us, but many people feel isolated and lonely. We can offer to weed and mow an elderly person's yard, bring them a good meal, invite friends for supper or organize a potluck or barbecue. Sharing good food can build lasting memories and ties. Sometimes giving what we need ourselves can bring satisfaction to our lives, and expand our social connections.

I'm interested in fresh, organic, wholesome foods and recipes. I love Farmer's Markets, and will share my 'finds' with you on this blog, in the near future! For instance, Saturday, June 23rd 2012, in Gresham, Oregon's Farmer's Market, the rain slowed public appearance, so one farm/grower marked their pints of strawberries down to $1.50. If you've never tasted Hoods, or Oregon strawberries, you may not understand how remarkable that price was. Normally, you can get them for $2.50 to $3 a pint, or $5 for a quart. They are not gassed, nutrient deficient or color-perfect-but-tasteless berries. Strawberry freezer jam from Oregon berries is out of this world! I also picked up freshly dug super smooth-skinned small red potatoes, a huge bunch of rhubarb chard for $1.50, an enormous head of red lettuce for $1, zucchinis 3/$1, etc. The selection of coffee, food like tamales, empanadas, cookies, kettle corn, and seasonal flowers is bountiful! 

Gresham, Oregon offers a Wednesday/midweek market along with Saturday's, and neighboring cities have various days of the week for these Farmer's markets. Astoria, Oregon has one on Sunday that has been running for several years, and is well attended and very enjoyable. You can ride their Riverfront Trolley Car for a 35-40 min. tour and hear the history of the town for $1. Farmer's Markets:FOOD, FRESH, HEALTHY, OFTEN ORGANIC, ECONOMICAL and FUN. I am strongly looking at Ashland as a place to settle, and I'm hoping they make use of their railroad system as Astoria has done. It would be a huge tourist boost for them. Ashland's organic coffee places call me, along with the Chocolate Festival, Shakespeare Festival, Jacksonville's Britt Festival, their college, huge library, hiking/biking trails, gorgeous Lithia Park with Ashland Creek running through it, etc. 

But I digress. Are you beginning to see the need for a blog?

Sharing is fun. I've been enjoying Pinterest lately, also. Everything from gardening tips, cooking, succulent gardens, cleaning tips, etc. Knowledge can feel overwhelming. Is there enough time to try all those recipes or grow all of the plants and create gardens of beauty and color? I find satisfaction in seeking the best organic coffee, the recipe for one cup of cocoa, etc. It gives me a break from continued learning about self esteem, human relations, problem solving, etc. I see life as a huge school. I love weekends...;-}










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